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Susan Boardman

Professional Cat Groomer


Susan Boardman began her career as a Professional Cat Groomer 30+ years ago. During her tenor at an exclusive feline boarding and grooming facility in Southern California, she acquired extensive knowledge of feline behavior, correct handling techniques, clipper skills, and grooming processes. Following the birth of her son in 1990, Susan's career took a different path and she spent the next 25 years working in corporate Information Technology (IT) as an EDI Business Analyst. 


FancyPants Cat Grooming has been born partly as a natural extension of her Keuka Ridge Siberians breeding program and the necessity highlighted by her clients struggling to find experienced and qualified feline only grooming in the Greater Nashville area. Susan has returned to the grooming profession to offer her experience as personalized, In-Home feline grooming services for your loving pets. 


Susan is an active member of the National Cat Grooming Association (NCGA) and is working towards her CFMG, Certified Feline Master Cat Groomer certification. 

TICA Registered Breeder


After struggling with cat allergies since the birth of her son in 1990, Susan searched for an allergy friendly breed of cats to have as a pet and companion. In 2017 Cooper and Alifair arrived at JFK airport and changed her life forever! 


What started out as a simple quest for a new family member and hypoallergenic companion, quickly evolved into her greatest passion in life. Keuka Ridge Siberians cattery was established and registered with TICA in 2017. Over the years, Susan has gained more extensive knowledge regarding feline genetics, health and wellness, nutritional requirements, and behavioral enrichment. 


Susan is a proud member of The International Cat Association (TICA) and has shown cats to multiple Championship titles in her South East Region. 

Dexter after a fresh grooming
rowan after a fresh grooming


In 2018 Susan became a Grandma for the first time and was blessed with the little blonde hurricane, and "chief kitten socializer"  known as Rowan. Rowan's daddy is an Active Duty Sergeant in the Army, stationed at Fort Campbell. Susan and her Siberian cats live with her son and grandson to facilitate a stable loving home life during the often irregular military schedule and active duty lifestyle. 

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