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Testimonials & References

Randy S. 

Susan at FancyPants Grooming did an amazing job with our girl Chloe. We were a little skeptical that she'd be able to give her a lion clip because the vet had such problems with her in the past when we had her groomed. When Susan said she was going to bath Chloe in water we thought she was nuts and would never be able to do it. To our surprise Chloe received her first bath ever and wasn't hard to handle at all. FancyPants will be the only groomer we trust with Chloe in the future. 

Hollie W. 

Hello, thanks for following up. I think you did a fantastic job and I think it has helped him. Call me crazy but I think it also perked him up a bit. His coat feels so much better and I don't feel like he has been licking as much. 

Jamie D. 

Susan was incredible. She was kind and gentle to my 17 yr old Persian. Susan’s grooming skills are the best I’ve seen and my cat has never looked or felt more beautiful. 

Kathy S. 

We have two adult cats we recently adopted who need their nails clipped. We both don't feel comfortable or competent in this very much needed responsibility. Finding someone to come to our house was something we desired. Cats are never keen on getting stuffed inside a carrier and taken out in the car! Add to that getting their nails clipped, we were going to have two very unhappy cats! Susan came to our rescue! She was gentle and efficient clipping our girls' nails for us. Thanks so much, Susan! We look forward to future nail clips!

Linda Y. 

Thanks Susan. We both talked all day about how helpful you were! I’m so excited about our new grooming plan.  We Iove our babies so much and want to do what’s best for them. See you Wed.

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