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Clipper Hair Styles

What Is A Lion Clip? 

A Lion Clip is a close body shave across the entire torso of a cat, leaving the head, 4 "boots", and pom pom at the tip of the tail full length. Variations can be made to leave a fuller "mane" around the neck and full tail if those areas are not heavily matted. 


Why Do We Shave Cats? 

  • Badly matted cats 

  • Difficult to maintain, unmanageable coats

  • Cats that no longer can or want to "groom" themselves

  • To control excess shedding throughout homes

  • Cats with skin issues, chronic itching, health problems, etc.

Is it Safe To Shave Cats? 

  • Yes, there are no long term side effects from being shaved. 

  • Coats will grow back and often times, more evenly

  • Not all cats are good candidates for clipper styles depending on health and temperament. If your cat can't tolerate the sound or feel of clippers we can discuss alternate options. 

  • Clipper styles are not always a good option for older or overly thin cats with loose delicate skin. 


What Is A Teddy Bear Clip? (Comb Clip) 

A Teddy Bear Clip is similar to the Lion Clip except the fur is left at a length of approximately 1/2" by using a comb guard attachment during the shaving process. This option is only available to cats who are not badly matted since the coat has to be completely tangle free in order for the comb to glide through the fur. All comb clips need to be done using vacuum suction to achieve a more uniform finish. Some coat textures are not ideal for this style because they can look choppy and uneven.  

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