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Senior & Special Needs Cat Care

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I've been a cat lover, cat breeder, cat groomer, and crazy cat lady for almost all of my life. And I have to say that Senior cats tug at my heart strings probably more than even the cutest kitten. I just love their wise and tender souls and I always wonder what experiences they've had throughout their long lives. Have they always had the safe and loving home life that they currently have, or did they have a rough start in life? Have they toughed it out through illness or pain? I just want to hold and comfort each and every senior cat I cross paths with.

(L-R: 15yr old Sam, 16yr old Heidi, 14yr old Pearl)

Unfortunately, as they get older senior cats require additional help

Senior cats start to slow down with age and begin finding it difficult to "groom themselves" or care for their own needs. Their skin becomes extremely thin and fragile which requires great care when shaving or removing matts from their coat. Many senior cats have health issues that can lead to increased production of oils from the skin. That oil saturates the fur causing serious clumping, matts, and out of control flakey dandruff. With over 30 years experience working with cat, FancyPants Cat Grooming knows how to safely handle your senior kitty and only uses gentle products and great care to clean and freshen up your cat's coat and skin.

(14yr old Pearl Before & After - She received a gentle degreasing bath, belly shave, eye/face cleaning, sanitary clip, and nail clip)

(L-R: 16yr old Heidi & 14yr old Pearl)

Additional Services FancyPants Cat Grooming can provide:

  • Monthly Stand-alone nail clipping service

  • Partial or "Butt" baths when there are accidents

  • Supportive care to help administer medications or IV fluids

  • Assistance with feeding and/or getting nutrition into fussy eaters

  • Palliative care

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